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Sports Investment Fraud Compensation

We help professional athletes get their money back after sports investment fraud & mis-selling

Sports investment fraud and mis-selling happen when financial advisors convince professional athletes to invest in unsuitable, unregulated, toxic, or failed schemes. As a result of negligent or fraudulent financial advice, many former and current sportspeople have: 

  • Lost thousands to millions of pounds 
  • Become bankrupt 
  • Made unregulated, unsuitable, and potential fraudulent investments 
  • Discovered that they cannot access their money 
  • Been hit with high taxes, fees, and charges. 


Thousands of sportsmen and sportswomen in England & Wales have fallen victim to investment scams. To have this money stolen from you is unacceptable and unlawful.  

We help professional sportspeople claim for the financial losses and emotional distress experienced following financial sports fraud. If you are affected, you could be owed hundreds of thousands of pounds (if not more) in compensation.  

Simply losing money on an investment doesn’t mean it was fraudulent or mis-sold. But if you made a bad investment and your advisor misled you about the scheme, didn’t give you all the relevant information, or if the investment was illegal or simply unsuitable for your needs, you could have a claim.  

We can work with your accountant, new financial adviser, and agent to get your money back. Claiming with us is straightforward. It is free to sign up, and we act on a no-win, no-fee basis.  

Unscrupulous financial advisers often target high-net-worth sportspeople

Many sportsmen and women have lost fortunes due to financial scams or negligent advice. Victims have lost anything from a few thousand to millions of pounds.  

For example, Rio Ferdinand, Andy Cole, Craig Short, Martin Keown and Danny Murphy are thought to have been involved in a scam in which victims suffered losses ranging from £100,000 to several million pounds. In total, losses totalling more than £25 million have been identified. 

In another case, up to 100 footballers including Robbie Keane, Jimmy Bullard and Gabby Agbonlahor, are among the purported victims of a £30 million Ponzi scheme scam with individual losses ranging from a few thousand pounds to more than a million. 

NFT compensation claims

NFTs have become extremely popular in the sporting world. Well-known athletes have invested in this new breed of digital art, with many NFTs going for serious amounts of cash.   

But NFTs are highly speculative, and prices can be very volatile. Because they are not a regulated financial product – and most UK financial advisors will not be qualified or authorised to advise on NFTs – getting your money back should an investment go wrong can be challenging.  

Any sportsperson considering investing in NFTs must take advice from a suitably qualified and authorised NFT expert.  

If you were persuaded to invest in an NFT – or another form of crypto – and promises of big returns did not materialise, we might be able to help. 

Sports Investment Fraud & Mis-Selling Group Action Claims

Where multiple sportspeople have received negligent or fraudulent pension advice from the same professional advisor/company, we can help them to recover their losses collectively. Group actions can be a powerful tool and can have a bigger impact than a single claim. 


Sports Investment Fraud & Mis-Selling FAQs

Our legal team is helping many sportsmen and women who have been affected by sports investment fraud & mis-selling. 

Here are some of the questions we have been asked about making a sports fraud claim. 

  • What is this claim all about?

    Thousands of sportsmen and women have been targeted by unscrupulous financial advisors and banks, and many have lost fortunes due to financial scams. Victims are facing losses ranging from a few thousand to millions of pounds. We are helping professional athletes who have fallen victim to financial scams get their money back. 

  • How would I know if I have been defrauded or mis-sold?

    A professional sportsperson might have been mis-sold or defrauded if: 

    • They have lost a significant amount of money in an investment, even if they saw an initial profit. 
    • They were persuaded to invest into high-risk and exotic investments such as overseas property, wine, commodities, cryptocurrency or unlisted shares, and have lost money or can’t access their investments. 
    • They were targeted by unscrupulous professional advisors because of their high-net-worth. 
    • The negligence of their financial advisor has (or could have) made them worse off in life. 
    • Their advisers failed to explain the risk, fees, charges and details of any investments recommended. 


  • Can I make a claim?

    Contact us to discuss your case. Signing up is straightforward and costs you nothing as we act on a no win-no fee basis. 

  • Will I have to pay to bring a claim?

    You will only have to pay anything if you win. You will not have to pay anything upfront. Any payment would only come out of the money that we recover on your behalf. We will conduct the claim for you under a no-win, no-fee agreement. If you win, our fees will be deducted from your damages. 

  • How much compensation could I get if I win?

    Each case is different, but we believe that those affected by sports fraud could be owed hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not more, each. 

  • Is it complicated to join the sports investment fraud action?

    Not at all. The process to join is straightforward. Contact us with your details and our team will be in touch. 

  • How do I join the sports investment fraud action?

    If you are interested in joining our action, contact us with your details and our team will be in touch. 

  • Will you work alongside my other professional advisers?

    Yes. We work with our clients’ accountants, new financial advisers, and agents to identify and combat fraud or mis-sold investments, and to recover money. 

Cases we handle at KP Law

Our Investment Fraud & Mis-selling lawyers deal with a wide range of sports investment fraud cases. Here are just some examples of the types of cases we can help with.  

Barry’s* mis-selling sports investment case

Barry was a professional footballer. At just 19, he became a millionaire. With no understanding of financial management, Barry appointed a financial adviser to ensure a stable financial future. But he trusted the wrong person, and his unscrupulous adviser was more interested in getting a commission than making sure he protected Barry’s money. As a result, Barry invested in an unsuitable scheme that has since gone bust. Barry lost hundreds of thousands of pounds and, now that his footballing career is over, is struggling financially. We are helping Barry to get his money back.

Tanya’s* NFT scam compensation claim

Tanya is an Olympic athlete. She became interested in NFTs after seeing other sportspeople make money from them. After speaking to her financial advisor, Tanya purchased an NFT from a scheme getting a lot of buzz. After investing, she discovered that she had fallen victim to a scam. A group of scammers inflated the value of the NFTs by playing the market. Once the tokens reached a specific price, they sold up and left the value to crash. The NFT is now worthless. The advisor was not qualified to advise on NFTs, and we are helping Tanya claim compensation for her losses.  

Oliver’s* professional negligence case

Oliver is a Rugby Union player. His trusted friend and financial advisor convinced him to invest in a tax avoidance scheme that Oliver later discovered was illegal. Oliver now faces a huge tax bill (which he cannot pay). To make matters worse, the media have found out and have branded Oliver a ‘tax dodger’. Oliver has been attacked in several national newspapers, and his public image and career have suffered. Oliver has developed anxiety because of the situation. We believe that the financial advisor was negligent, and we are helping Oliver claim compensation and restore his public image. 

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

We are working with a range of partners, affiliates, and other organisations to fight financial sports fraud.

This includes:  

  •  The Investment Fraud APPG.  We are proud to support the Investment Fraud All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) fighting investment fraud in sport.  
  • Phoenix Sport & Media Group. We have partnered with Phoenix Sport & Media Group to provide financial education workshops and anti-fraud presentations to professional sportsmen and women across the UK.  

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