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Pension mis selling claims
Pension Mis-selling

Pension mis-selling claims miss out on £108,000 compensation each

Pension mis-selling is a growing problem, and victims have the right to claim compensation. But, according to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), savers missed out on a combined £104 million in compensation last year. That’s an average loss of £108,000 per claimant.

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Investment Fraud

Why do you need an expert lawyer to claim compensation for a mis-sold pension or other financial investment?

Acting for individuals, businesses and groups of consumers who have been mis-sold investment schemes and products, we seek compensation and justice for victims of corrupt or negligent financial advisors and organisations, including those who have been mis-sold pensions. And, at KP Law, we believe that the best way to make guilty parties pay is to use a specialist lawyer.
Of course, we would say that, but let us explain why.

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Sports Fraud Professional Football Mens
Investment Fraud

Footballers out of pocket after being conned by people in positions of absolute trust due to sports fraud

Thousands of sportsmen and women have put their trust in the wrong people – sometimes losing millions as a result. Persuaded to invest in risky, unregulated, and unsuitable investment schemes involving wine, movies, property, or other such ventures, promises of big returns failed to materialise with devastating consequences. And football fraud is all too common.

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